The Witcher Books

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-05-13

What is the Correct Order to Read The Witcher Books?

The best way to read The Witcher books is to start with The Last Wish, then read Sword of Destiny. After that you'll be ready to join Geralt, Yennifer and Ciri in the monumental Witcher Saga, the five book series that starts with The Blood of Elves.

Are The Witcher Books Finished?

For now the story has concluded, but Sapkowski has hinted that it may continue … The eight books that make up the Witcher Saga consist of: The Last Wish (1993/2007; a reprint of The Witcher, released in 1990, with new material.

Why are The Witcher Books out of Order?

The reason for this order is that in the initial short stories time does jump around a lot. In the Netflix series, this causes some confusion with a lot of viewers, which is understandable. While its not perfect, the better order is probably The Last Wish first.

Are the Books Good Witcher?

The books by itself are not that good. The books actually became popular due the Witcher 3 video game . The books enhance the playing experience but all in all, the storytelling and character depth of the video game is much better. Witcher videogames are set after the novels.

Do The Witcher Books have Maps?

Sapkowski did not originally include maps in the books, despite the action unfolding over detailed descriptions of terrain. The first map did not appear until the Czech translation of the series was published, when translator Stanislav Komárek created a map based on Sapkowskis work.

What is the Correct Order of The Witcher Books?

The Last Wish.
Sword of Destiny.
Blood of Elves.
Time of Contempt.
Baptism of Fire.
The Tower of the Swallow.
The Lady of the Lake.
Season of Storms (optional; explained below)

What is The Witcher Map Based On?

Numerous fans and adaptations attempted at making their own, and were said by Andrzej Sapkowski to be "more or less correct". The author himself has a map based on Stanislav Komárek's variant which he later improved, but he decided not to publish it because the world is constantly evolving in his mind.

Is The Witcher Show Connected to the Books?

While Netflix's The Witcher is based on Sapkowski's books, it doesn't follow the source material to a tee. Seasons 1 and 2 meshed together storylines from different books and short stories. And according to Hissrich, season 3 will do the same.