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Will there be a Star Wars: Republic Commando 2?

LucasArts cancelled a sequel to Republic Commando , called Imperial Commando, years ago. Heres why Lucasfilm Games should resurrect the project.

Is Star Wars: Republic Commando Canon?

Republic Commandos story is no longer part of the mainline canon, but Delta Squad is. The team showed up in The Clone Wars season 3 episode Witches of the Mist. The upcoming Disney Plus show The Bad Batch will focus on a different team of clone commandos.

Will there be a New Republic Commando Game?

Star Wars : Republic Commando reemerged into the spotlight in 2021, as Lucasfilm Games released a remaster of the title developed by Aspyr that coincided with the release of The Bad Batch, an animated Star Wars series that focuses on a group of clone commandos navigating the galaxy after the events of Star Wars: Episode ...

Is Republic Commando Getting a Remaster?

Star Wars: Republic Commando's remaster is out on the Nintendo Switch and PS5. What things have aged well or poorly about the shooter? Star Wars: Republic Commando released in 2005 on the original Xbox and on PC.

Does Star Wars: Republic Commando Hold Up?

Star Wars: Republic Commando is still worth a play in 2021, no matter where you choose to play. The gameplay holds up even if the presentation doesn't, but it's the price you pay to play a true first-person shooter in the Star Wars universe with nary a lootbox in sight.