Dualshock 4 Vs Xbox One Controller Pc

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-01

Is it Better to Use a PS4 Controller or an Xbox Controller on PC?

For a smoother, easier integration, Xbox One controllers are far better than their PS4counterpart when it comes to Windows PCs. Theyre much more compatible with PCs than the DualShock 4, even if they might require the purchase of additional hardware most of which is optional.

Is DualShock 4 Better than Xbox One Controller?

The biggest distinction can be made in the Dpad and the triggers departments. The DualShock 4 is the clear winner when it comes to the Dpad, while the Xbox One controller generally has better triggers. That said, the former will excel when it comes to 2D platformers, while the latter will excel in racing games.

Is the PS4 Controller Good for PC Gaming?

Of all the options out there, the PS4 controller has become one of the teams favourite PC gaming controllers, not least because it feels great in your hands. In fact, if Steam is your goto, native Steam support makes it just as plugandplay as an Xbox gamepad.

Are Xbox Controllers Good for PC?

The best PC controller for most people is the Xbox Wireless Controller. This Xbox Series X/S era controller works well out of the box with the widest range of PC titles, offers wired, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and is available in a range of colours at a fairly reasonable price.

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