What Addressing Information is Recorded by a Switch to Build its Mac Address Table??

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-14

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A switch builds its MAC address table by recording the MAC address of each device connected to each of its ports. The switch uses the information in the MAC address table to send frames destined for a specific device out the port, which has been assigned to that device.

What Addressing Information is Recorded by a Switch to Build its Mac?

Explanation:A switch builds a MAC address table by inspecting incoming Layer 2 frames and recording the source MAC address found in the frame header. The discovered and recorded MAC address is then associated with the port used to receive the frame.

Which of the Following Statements Describes how the Switch Works when the MAC Address Table is Full?

When the MAC address table is full, the switch treats the frame as an unknown unicast and begins to flood all incoming traffic to all ports only within the local VLAN.

Which Address is Used by a Layer 2 Switch to Build its MAC Address Table?

What addressing information is recorded by a switch to build its MAC address table? the source Layer 2 address of incoming frames. The exhiibit shows a small switched network and the contents of the MAC address table of the switch.