How is a Frame Sent from Pca Forwarded to Pcc if the Mac Address Table on Switch Sw1 is Empty??

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-19

Refer to the Exhibit. How is a Frame Sent from PCA Forwarded ...

How is a frame sent from PCA forwarded to PCC if the MAC address table on switch SW1 is empty? ... SW1 floods the frame on all ports on the switch, excluding the interconnected port to switch SW2 and the port through which the frame entered the switch.

Which Destination MAC Address is Used when Frames are Sent from the Workstation?

When frames are to be sent from the workstation to the default gateway , the workstation uses ARP to resolve the MAC address that is associated with the IP address of the default gateway. The ARP resolution will return the MAC address of the virtual router.

What Action Takes Place when a Frame Entering a Switch has a Broadcast Destination MAC Address?

What action takes place when a frame entering a switch has a unicast destination MAC address that is not in the MAC address table? The switch resets the refresh timer on all MAC address table entries. The switch updates the refresh timer for the entry. The switch replaces the old entry and uses the more current port.