How to Start New Exotic Quest Destiny 2?

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How do you Start an Exotic Quest in Destiny 2?

Guardians need to find the " Intercepted Distress Signal" on the strike, "The Arms Dealer." On getting the signal, Zavala on The Tower will provide an exotic quest called "A voice on the other side." The quest requires the Guardians to complete "The Presage" on the tangled shore in Destiny 2.

Can you Still do Exotic Quests in Destiny 2?

In this guide, we cover every Exotic quest still available in Destiny 2, including the weapons that were previously part of an Exotic quest but are now obtainable via the Exotics kiosk.

How do you Get Exotic Quests in Destiny 2?

Decrypting Exotic Engrams .
Random rewards from Public Events, chests, Crucible matches and other activities.
Special vendors, such as Xur.
Completing specific quests and missions.
Season passexclusive Exotic unlocks.
Rare drops from solo Lost Sectors.

How do I Start the Exotic Presage Quest?

To unlock the Presage mission, you must first obtain a distress signal from The Arms Dealer strike. You can obtain this from either the strike or Nightfall variant. Load into the mission, defeat the first group of Cabal, then run into the door behind them. Do not progress through the strike.

How To Start New Exotic Quest "Presage" / The Voice On The ...