Why is the Xbox Expansion Card so Expensive?

Posted in  xbox | 2022-03-20

Why is Xbox Expansion Card so Expensive?

The reason the cards are so expensive is that they have to match the fast speeds of the consoles superfast SSD, which doesnt come cheap using current technology.

Will Xbox Storage Expansion Get Cheaper?

However new reports suggest that SSD storage expansion on the Xbox Series X could be about to get a fair amount cheaper. SSD or solidstate drive storage is much faster than your typical hard drive but is also more expensive for the same amount of digital space.

Why is the Xbox External Hard Drive so Expensive?

Theres good reason for the cards expensive price, and it has to do with the fact that the hard drive is a custom storage solution made specifically for the nextgen consoles revolutionary technology. While current consoles feature HHDs, the nextgen models come with custom SSDs.

Do you Need the Xbox Expansion Card?

But the Seagate Storage Expansion Card isn't mandated for extra storage, with the consoles also packing partial USB support, albeit with restrictions. USB drives and their lower speeds mean that you can only store next-generation games, meaning you need to move them to the internal SSD when you want to play.

Why Are Xbox Expansion Cards So Expensive?