How to Play Xbox Game Pass on Iphone?

Posted in  xbox | 2022-03-15

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) on IOS: Everything you Need to ...

You dont need a separate app to access Xbox Game Pass. Go to with Safari on your device it wont work on Chrome or other browsers, and log in with your Microsoft account. Accessing the app is free. However, youll need to pay a subscription to actually access any of the games.

Xbox Cloud Gaming now Available to all on IPhones and IPads

If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription then you can you visit through Safari on iOS and create a shortcut to Xbox Cloud Gaming on your home screen. Simply tap the browsers share button and choose a name for the progressive web app.

Can I Play Xbox Game Pass on IPhone?

Xbox Cloud Gaming is supported in Chrome and Edge on Windows devices, or Safari on iPhones and iPads. Game Pass Ultimate is the $15amonth subscription that includes an allyoucanplay lineup of 100plus games on both Xbox and PC.

Does Xbox Game Pass Work on Mobile?

Xbox Game Pass is a service from Microsoft that lets you play games on console, PC, and even your Android device thanks to the cloud. While playing Xbox Game Pass games does require a subscription, the games you access dont have to be paid for.

How do I Add an Xbox Game Pass to my IPhone?

Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
Had on over to
Tap the 'share' button (it looks like a box with an arrow popping out of it)
Scroll down, and tap 'Add to Home Screen'

Xbox Game Pass on IOS Walkthrough!!!