How to Get Titanoboa Eggs Ark Xbox One?

Posted in  xbox | 2022-03-17


And. We kind of just dropped the egg this is definitely the best way to do it I did try and mess around with a pen idea. But once they aggro'd they didn't want to eat the eggs.

How do you Get a Titanoboa Egg in Ark?

Titanboas only lay eggs in the swamp, so make sure you build your enclosure completely inside the swamp. It doesn't matter if it is built on land or in the water. When found, it is recommended to use a fast of flying mount to launch a "sting operation" that can extract the egg as quick as possible.

Can you Tame a Titanoboa with Unfertilized Eggs?

The Titanoboa will "attack" the egg and eat it, gaining taming progress. But drop the egg from your own inventory, for when you drop the egg from the mount's inventory, the Titanoboa will ignore it. All eggs have to be fertilized, non-fertilized eggs will not work.

Can you Tame a Titanoboa with Wyvern Eggs?

Titanoboas can be tamed with Wyvern eggs. They prefer the fire eggs the most and ice the least. They get more taming from poison, and least from lightning. Build a 5x5x5 pen and drop them into it filled with eggs.

How Many Wyvern Eggs do you Need to Tame a Titanoboa?

The Gamepedia says that for his level it would take like 70+ Wyvern eggs, but he's already at 84% with a mixture of these eggs, and I'm barely breaking 30 eggs.

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