How to Connect to Xbox Live Youtube?

Posted in  xbox | 2022-03-20

Xbox One

Go to and enter in the activation code shown on the Xbox One.
Click Allow Access, which completes the sign in process.

How do I Connect to Xbox One Live?

Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Network settings .
Select Set up wireless network.
Select your wireless network from the list of available networks.

Why Won't my Xbox YouTube Connect to my Account?

If you see this error message, it means that your YouTube account was not linked successfully with your Xbox gamertag. Please check your credentials and try the activation process again. If you continue to see this error message when you try to log in, close the app, start the app again, and then try to sign in.

Do you Need Xbox Live to Access YouTube?

Yes. You need an Xbox live account to play online with other people and to play with friends.