What are the Different Versions of Windows Xp?

Posted in  windows | 2022-04-05

How Many Versions Windows XP are There?

There are actually two different retail versions of Windows XP. Windows XP Home Edition, which comes with most lowerpriced PCs, is the version of XP for home and smallbusiness users. Windows XP Professional Edition, which comes with some higherpriced PCs, is designed for larger businesses and corporate users.

What are the Common Editions of Windows XP?

The most common editions of the operating system are Windows XP Home Edition, which is targeted at home users, and Windows XP Professional, which has additional features such as support for Windows Server domains and dual processors, and is targeted at power users and business clients.

Which Windows XP Edition is Best?

Originally Answered: Which is the best version Windows : Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10? really you will not want to touch other OSes. Xp gives the best vision and sound quality. If want great looks then Windows XP Glass Super is the best.

How do I Know what Version of Windows XP I Have?

Click the “Start” button and launch the “Run” function.
Type “Winver” and press “Enter” to launch the About Windows dialog box.
Note the Windows XP information displayed. This section lists the system version, its build number and the year it shipped, as well as the service pack currently installed.

Microsoft Windows XP Versions History