How to Use Google Input Tools in Windows 10?

Posted in  windows | 2022-03-20

Google Account Settings – Google Input Tools

Go to “Language” → “ Input Tools ” → “Edit”.
In the “Input Tools settings” dialog that appears, select the input tool youd like to use.
Edit your settings and click “Save”.

Does Google Input Tools Work on Windows 10?

Google input tool is no longer available for download or install. You can download and install Google input tools chrome extension as an alternative. You can also check with Google support for the same and also provide your feedback to Google.

How do I Add Google Input Tools in Windows 10?

Install Google Input Tools.
Click the extension icon and select “Extension options”
In the “Extension options” page, select the input tool you want from left to right.
Double click on the left to add an input tool.

How do I Enable Google Input Tools?

Click the gear icon in the upper right, then select “Settings”.
In the General tab, select the check box next to “Enable input tools” under the “Language” section.

How do I Use Google Input Tools on my Website?

To enable Google Input Tools online on your browser, click on its icon on your browser and select the preferred language and input style. When the input type gets selected, it appears as checkmarks.

Does Windows 10 Support Google Input Tools?

Previously, Google Input Tools software was available for Windows 10 PC for offline usage. But, at present, Google has removed the download link from its official website. Therefore, you can use this software only in online mode using your Chrome or Edge browser.

How do I Download Google Tools on my PC?

Google Input Tool is not available as a download for Windows anymore. However, you can install a Google Chrome extension, which works just as well. The Chrome extension allows you to use Google Input Tools on any website while in Chrome.

How do I Install Google IME?

Go to Control Panel > Language > Click on Options link shown against English langauge. Click on “Add an input method” Select Google IME.

How do I Add Google Input to Windows 10?

Click the Extension icon on your Chrome browser .
Select Google Input Tools.
Go to Extension Options.
To add languages that you can use on your Google Input Tools, you will need to put them under Selected Input Tools.
Select the language under Add Input Tools.

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