How to Copy Text Messages from Windows Phone to Computer?

Posted in  windows | 2022-04-03

How to Transfer SMS Text Messages from Windows Phones to ...

On your Windows 10 PC, open the Store and download the third party app WP Message Backup. This app allows you to view and export all your SMS messages from your Windows 10 device. Once installed, open the app. sign in to your Microsoft Account and wait for the messages to automatically populate.

How do I Transfer Text Messages from my Windows Phone to my Computer?

To transfer text messages from cell phone to computer, you need to have an USB cable which you connect to your phone and laptop. You will see an installation bubble pop up in the bottom right of your screen. On your phone pull down the notification window and tap USB connected.

Where are Text Messages Stored on Windows Phone?

After it is installed, it can be found on Settings as the last option on Windows Phone 8/8.1. On Windows Phone 10, it can be found on Settings > Extras. Open it and tap on backup. If youre device doesnt support SD Card, select a backup location on your internal memory.

How do I Transfer Text Messages from my Nokia Phone to my Computer?

In the Messages view, select one or more messages for export. If you select multiple messages, export is only possible in the . csv format.
Select File > Export. The Save As dialog opens.
In the dialog, enter a file name and select where the exported file will be stored.
Click Save.

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