Updated Launch Date: Rune Will Enter Early Access This Winter

Human Head
09 / 14 / 18
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The Human Head Studios team is committed to delivering the best version of Rune to Steam Early Access. Rune blends intense Action-RPG survival gameplay with savage PvP and PvE battles, and after undergoing a series of closed betas and gathering feedback from the community, we’re confident we can make the game even bigger and better.

With a heavy axe and large mug of mead, we announce that the game will now launch this Winter.

Although we were close to the anticipated launch, there was feedback from the community that we felt needed to be incorporated prior to release. We’re excited to continue to improve the game with the extra development time and still want continual input from the community through our beta tests. The most important goal is to deliver a game that is bug-free, balanced, deep and, most importantly, a massive amount of fun. Here’s what the extra time allows us to do:

- Greater god interaction: more player abilities, additional quests, narrative, and blessings and curses
- Additional combat polish to player attacks and enemy abilities
- Adding the female player character
- Additional rebuildables (more buildings, structures, and shrines)
- Rework the crafting system to have more diverse crafting recipes
- More places to explore and more secrets to discover
- Additional fierce enemies: Dragons, Sea Serpents, additional Giants, and some surprises

Community members who have pre-ordered the game before September 12 at 11:59 PM CDT will be guaranteed entry into all upcoming beta tests.

What comes next? Stay tuned to our social media channels, and our website, blog, and forums for more news and updates as we march toward launch.

Sharpen your axe, Vikings! Loki awaits, and the battle will soon rage on!