How to Trade Robux on Roblox 2016?

Posted in  roblox | 2022-03-17

How do you Trade Robux in Roblox?

Go to that player's profile page.
Click the button that looks like three dots in the upper right corner of the box that contains their username and friends/follower information.
On the menu that pops up, select Trade Items.

Can you just Trade Robux?

Can You Just Give Robux to Your Friends Directly? Yes, and no. Unfortunately, the answer isnt a simple one. You can buy digital gift cards and send them to your friends, or you can buy physical cards and send them via “snail mail.” However, you cant transfer funds from your account to a friends Roblox account.

Is Robux Trading Free?

The only difference in the membership tiers is the amount of Robux players will receive every month. This means players only need to be subscribed to the $4.99 tier in order to trade with others.

Is Trading in Roblox Illegal?

Trading items for Robux, real money or "cross-trades" (items in other games) is against Roblox rules and if you sell or buy Adopt Me items for real money OR Robux, your account and all alt accounts will be banned. "Trust trades" are scams.

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