What is Haptic Feedback Ps5?

Posted in  ps5 | 2022-03-14

Video Games' Sensory Revolution: How Haptics Reinvented

The Sony DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 gives the player “haptic feedback,” a trend in modern hardware designed to stimulate the user's sense of touch with more specific, stylized vibration. The slight shudder in your smartphone when you toggle between skin tones for emoji—that's haptic feedback.

Does Haptic Feedback Drain Battery PS5?

PS5 Games Drain The DualSense Controller's Battery Faster
All this tactile feedback and movement uses a lot more battery life than a rumble motor, which typically just spins around an axis. This means that games with loads of haptic and adaptive trigger support are going to drain the battery more quickly.

How do I Turn on Haptic Feedback on PS5?

Head to Settings
Next, scroll down to 'Accessibility ', and then to 'Controllers'. In here, you'll find a range of settings that let you adjust the 'Trigger Effect Intensity' and whether to disable haptic feedback.

PS5 Games - Haptic Feedback