Ps5 how to Cancel Preorder?

Posted in  ps5 | 2022-03-14

Can you Cancel Pre-order on PS5?

You can cancel any time up to the release date if you have not started to download the main part of the pre-order content (including pre-loading before release). I paid 14 days (or less) before the main product release date.

How do I Cancel a Purchase on PS5?

Go to
Select Request Refund.
If you were the owner of the account that was charged, select Yes in the chat window that opens up.
Select why you'd like a refund.
Select why you're returning the game.

How do I Cancel a Preorder?

Go to your Order history and find the order or pre-order.
Select Cancel item next to the item you want to cancel.
Select the check box next to the item and then select the Cancel item button.

Can I Cancel my Game Pre-order?

How do I cancel my order? If you have placed a pre-order, it is possible to cancel your order before any payment has been taken.

PS5: How to Cancel/Refund Pre Order Tutorial!