How to Put Roms on Ps3?

Posted in  ps3 | 2022-03-16

How To Play PS3 ISO Games Off USB/HDD! (multiMAN)

What you want to do is copy across your PlayStation 3 game onto your USB. So on the USB right here as you can see I've got games folder to get that all you do right click new folder.

Can I Use ROMs on a PS3?

Technically yes, you could download an image file of a PS3 game but burning it in a way that the PS3 will read it is impossible. You would need some sort of Mod Chip installed inside the PS3 to bypass the CD protection.

How do I Extract ROMs from my PS3?

Insert your disc into the PS3. Highlight the game disc and press Triangle then select Copy to hdd. this will dump your game files in a JB folder format. Choose the location you wish to save your dump.

Can you Play PS3 Games from USB?

If you want to pick up where a friend left off in a game, borrow his or her MLB franchise, or play your game on a friends PS3, its all possible with a USB drive. Just place Black Ops 2 on your USB then go to the PS3 then go to Multiman hit select+start then go to PS3 Root.