How to Play Ps3 Games on Wii?

Posted in  ps3 | 2022-03-16

Can I Play PS3 Games on Wii?

Nope, and there never will be. While the Wii is also based on a PowerPC CPU, the CPU in the PS3 (the Cell Processor) has more, and faster, PowerPC cores, as well as 8 “Stream Processing Units” (SPUs, fast and specialized vector cores).

Can Playstation Games be Played on Wii?

If you install the “Homebrew Channel,” a fanmade launcher designed to run homemade Wii games, and then install a PS1 emulator on an SD card , and then install some PS1 ISOs to the SD card, youll be able to play your PS1 games on your Wii!

What Happens When you Put a PS3 Game in the Nintendo Wii