How to Get Bf3 Premium for Free Ps3?

Posted in  ps3 | 2022-03-16

Get Battlefield 3 Premium for Free on PS3 Via Strange Glitch

What you'll want to do is start up Battlefield 3 (PS3 only, sorry), head to the in game store, set the settings to 'All', then find Premium towards the bottom of the list. It should be listed as free, and available to grab at that price.

Is BF3 Still Active on PS3?

Battlefield 3 servers are up and running on PS3. You can Google, to see how many players are currently online on each of the platforms.

Is BF3 Still Free?

Amazons Prime Gaming service offers free games each month, and this one is pretty noteworthy: Battlefield 3, the modern shooter classic that many consider the untouchable high point of the franchise.

Is BF3 DLC Free?

You can gain access to the free DLC you need to use the code “ BF3E3 ” in the Origin client under the redeem a code section. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners will be able to download the Close Quarters DLC from the ingame store for free.

How do I Play BF3 Online PS3?

Go to the Bf3 section of the PSN store then go to "addons" and scroll all the way down and download the free online pass . Make sure that you actually download the file, quit the store and then start BF3 and you will be able to play online.

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