When does the 2019 League of Legends Season Start

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When did the LOL Season Start?

Riot has finally made it official League of Legends Season 12 will kick start on January 7th at 4:00 am local time for all areas and servers. This means the season will be available to some players long before others.

How Long is a Season in Lol?

The length of a League of Legends season used to vary dramatically sometimes as long as 406 days (season 1) to as short as 296 days (season 6). As seasons have continued over the years, Riot has slowly settled on how long a season will be to around 300 days and will typically begin them in January and end in November.

Is Awaken Canon?

Camilles story is one of three brief vignettes that make up “Awaken,” which itself is a primer for the games 2019 competitive mode season. Its not lore — nor is it canon or factual storytelling. “Awaken” is world and characterbuilding for an online multiplayer game that functions separately from its plot.

Who Animated Awaken LOL?

Valerie Broussard ) - YouTube.

Who is in the Awaken Cinematic?

The song, Awaken, features the vocals of Valerie Broussard and it really makes the animation feel epic. You see Riven taking out a bunch of coliseum lackies, earning the right to fight Draven. Camille is on a sneaky ops mission to arrest Jhin.

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