War Thunder Supersonic Jets

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-02

What is the Fastest Jet in War Thunder?

The MiG23M is the most modern aircraft in the Soviet/Russian tech tree and is currently the fastest fighter jet in the game. It has a variable sweep wing with three positions and a maximum speed of Mach 2.4.

What is the Best Jet in War Thunder?

1 F-86F-2. Every aircraft player in War Thunder will eventually want their own jet plane at some point and for high-tier matches.
2 Bf 109 G-2.
3 Spitfire F MK 24.
4 F-4C Phantom II.
5 G.
6 Yak-3P.
7 Sea Hawk FGA.
8 F8F-1B Bearcat.

War Thunder Goes Supersonic with the 1.85 Update

War Thunder 1.85 "Supersonic" is a major update to Gaijin Entertainments flagship product and — as its name suggests — it comes with supersonic aircraft. Other noticeable changes include the Italian ground vehicles tree, thermal guided airtoair missiles, new ships, new locations , and many minor adjustments.

What is the Best Plane in War Thunder?

Spitfire Mk 24.
F-4C Phantom II.
Arado Ar 234.
Bf 109 B-1.

What is the Slowest Plane in War Thunder?

The Po-2 is a very slow aircraft, earning a reputation of affection thanks to its poor characteristics. The Po-2 is about nine times as slow as the jets, and its maximum speed is one-third of a good amount of its opponents at BR 1.0.

Going Supersonic! / War Thunder