Voidbent Ingot Recipe

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-03

How do I Make Voidbent Ingots?

The primary way to acquire Voidbent Ingots is to craft them yourself. Doing so requires you to gather 1x Void Ore (not to be confused with Void Metal), 1x Void Essence, and 10x Energy Core. Those last two components are fairly easy to get but Void Ore can be a bit tricky.

Where do you Get Voidbent Recipe?

Voidbent Ingots can be crafted at a Smelting Station if you have level 200 Smelting and a Tier 5 station. To craft Voidbent Ingots you will need: 1x Void Ore. 1x Void Essence.

How Much is a Voidbent Ingot?

Voidmetal ingots are going for about 16k coins on Calongor.

Is Voidbent Ingot Tradeable?

If you trade a piece of VoidBent armor, the person receiving the armor will get banned. My guild-mate was streaming his game when he got the Void Ore drop, and we watched him make the ingot and such. He traded it to a crafter in the guild, and the crafter crafted the item.

What is Voidbent New World?

Voidbent Breastplate is a piece of Heavy Armor Chestwear in New World .

Is Voidbent Better than Faction?

TL:DR - voidbent is not hugely or even moderately better than faction in pvp. If someone nolifed or duped their way to full voidbent, don't be too discouraged.

How do you Make Void Bent Armor in New World?

1x Void Ore.
1x Void Essence.
10x Energy Core.

What is the Best Armor in New World?

8 Duelist Set.
7 Sage Set.
6 Explorer's Set.
5 Soldier Set.
4 Heavy Set.
3 Syndicate Plague Doctor.
2 Trapper's Set.
1 Marauder Commander of the Barbarian Set.

Can you Buy Voidbent Armor?

Voidbent Armor is a craftable Legendary armor set with a maximum of 600 GS. It's very hard to obtain - you need rare materials and several 200 level Trade Skills. We offer 2 ways to get the best armor in the game: via trade face to face, and via crafting by your character!

How to Get Voidbent Ingot New World