Terraria House Guide

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How to Build a House in Terraria

Be 6 tiles high by 10 tiles long.
Have a door on each wall at the bottom.
Have background walls.
Contain a torch, a wooden table or work bench, and a chair.
Be built from dirt or wood, the easiest materials to use.

What is a Suitable House for the Guide in Terraria?

Terraria house requirements
A house must have between 60 and 750 tiles in total across its frame, floor, ceiling, and walls. It has to feature at least one comfort item, one flat item, and one light source. If you're just starting out, the easiest way of achieving this is by building a chair, a work bench, and a torch.

What is the Best House in Terraria?

1. Stately Terraria Manor. My Terraria house is a functional tower of brick built mainly to keep the guide from letting zombies in at night, but Epionx has gone just a little bit further. This elaborate castle includes a dining room, a library and a huge bridge leading up to the entrance.

How Far Apart do NPCs Need to be Terraria?

There must be a 25 tile gap separating the 2 Neighbor groups. 2. The Princess would have to be placed near the Merchant or Painter.

How do you Set a Home in Terraria?

A player's Spawn Point is initially the world spawn point, but can be changed by crafting a Bed, placing it in a house and pressing the ⚷ Open / Activate button on it. The spawn point is where players respawn after dying, and where a Magic/Ice Mirror or Recall Potion will teleport them.

How do you Set your Bed to Spawn in Terraria?

Setting player spawn point
Pressing ⚷ Open / Activate on the foot of a bed, when it is placed in a valid house, sets the player's spawn point to that bed.

Why Can't I Set my Spawn in Terraria?

Once you have created your bed, there are certain criteria to be met before it can make a spawn point. The room the bed is in must be between 60 and 749 tiles in size (at least a 9×7 box) so enemies cannot spawn in it. A space above the bed will be required as well for the player to spawn into.

Why Can't I Sleep in my Bed Terraria?

There are, however, multiple requirements for sleeping to work: It must be night, unless the player has the Heavy Sleeper buff from a Sleeping Potion. The bed must not already be occupied. The bed must be within valid housing, exactly like with setting spawn points using beds in vanilla.

What Makes a Valid House in Terraria?

It must be at least 35 blocks large (excluding the bounding blocks that make up the ceiling, floor and walls) to be considered valid housing.

How do you Know if a House is Valid in Terraria?

To check whether a house is suitable for use, press the ⚒ Use / Attack button on the "?" housing query mark and then press again anywhere inside the house. A status message indicating whether the house is suitable or not will be displayed. If it is not suitable, the game will show what the house is lacking.

What are the Requirements for an NPC House in Terraria?

A living space of 30 blocks or more (60 when you include walls, floor, and ceiling.
Structural walls and ceiling with non-corrupted materials.
Player-made background walls.
An entrance to the room (door/platform/trap door in ceiling).
A flat surface such as a table or work bench.

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