Swtor Servers Shutting down

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Are Star Wars: The Old Republic Servers Still Active?

SWTOR Servers
There are five servers to choose from, after server merges in November 2017. There are no longer PvE/PvP/RP servers, instead, you can enter a PvE or PvP instance on each server, and servers are separated by region and language.

Is SWTOR Worth Starting in 2021?

If you happen to already have friends currently playing the Old Republic though, I highly recommend starting NOW though. That way, theres a chance you may even be caught up to maxlevel by the time the expansion comes out, or at least be close – the levelling in this game is very fast.

How Long is SWTOR Down?

Estimated downtime: 30 minutes.

Is SWTOR Offline?

Of course, this would involved stripping the game of the chat boxes, social centers, some of the mail system, group finder and warzones, and a lot of the flashpoints that require more than one person to accomplish effectively, but SP allows for the game to be played offline, meaning no internet problems for those of us ...

Is SWTOR Going to be Shutdown?

They are already talking about the 10 year anniversary which is December 2021 and so the game isnt going to be shut down before then and not soon after. And as long as we keep spending cash on this game theres no reason for them to shut it down.