Sundial Activity Destiny 2

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How to Start the Sundial Activity in Destiny 2

The Sundial activity is a new addition to Destiny 2 with Season of Dawn. This 6-player activity is similar to the Menagerie, though it occupies a significantly smaller space and takes less time. Before you can start unlocking new weapons, you will need to know how to start the Sundial activity.

Can you Still do the Sundial Destiny 2?

That means, obviously, the Sundial activity and anything associated with it will no longer be available.

Where is the Sundial Activity?

Hell unlock The Sundial for you, and you can find it on Mercurys map in the top right corner. Its a sixplayer matchmade activity with a recommended Power level of 850, and itll give you this seasons artifact, the Lantern of Osiris, upon your first completion.

How do you Get the Sundial in Destiny 2?

In terms of actually starting the Sundial activity, this can be done via the Mercury map. Open the Director, select Mercury, and find the Sundial activity at the top. Launching it from here will begin the matchmaking process, where your Fireteam will be filled out with other players.

How do you Unlock Obelisks?

How To Unlock Obelisks. All Obelisks, except the Farm Obelisk, can be purchased at the Wizard's Tower. This option becomes available after completing the quest "Goblin Problem," in which the player retrieves the Wizard's magic ink from his ex-wife, the witch.

Where is Sundial Destiny 2?

The Sundial is a location on Mercury. It is also a six player activity during the Season of Dawn.

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