Star Wars the Old Republic Subscription Cost

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How Much is Star Wars the Old Republic Subscription?

60 Days - $29.99 USD - one time purchase. 30 Days - $14.99 USD (Billed Every 30 Days) - recurring purchase. 90 Days - $13.99 USD per month (Billed $41.97 USD Every 90 Days) - recurring purchase.

Do I Need a Subscription for Star Wars The Old Republic?

Will I need to purchase a monthly subscription in order to play Star Wars : The Old Republic? No, anyone can download and play the game for free. To see the benefits of becoming a FreetoPlay player, please visit

Is SWTOR Subscription a One Time Purchase?

Go to and log into your account, then opt for a onetime purchase of 60 days nonrecurring game time . Or follow the steps above to add a subscription but choose the onetime purchase option rather than a recurring subscription.

What does SWTOR Sub Get You?

Subscribing is when you pay monthly for the game, at about $15 a month. Subscribing gives you access to 100% of the game's content, including all of the expansions and no restrictions. When you subscribe, you unlock all the current expansions and can play them forever, even if you choose to unsubscribe the next month.


As of 2020, the first two expansions are free to all players. To unlock the other three expansions, all you have to do is subscribe once, and you will unlock all current and past expansions.

How Much of SWTOR is Free?

SWTOR Free to Play
Anyone can now play all of the story content from levels 1-60 completely free, with minor convenience restrictions. This includes: 8 distinct class stories, each with three chapters across 12 planets. First two expansions free.