Spintires Updates

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-05-25

Spintires Got a Major Update and New DLC

The 1.6 update has revamped some major parts of Spintires, deeply reworking water interactions and the mud physics and simulation. Additionally, tires on some vehicles can now be variably inflated, some vehicles now have differential steering, and articulated chassis vehicles are now supported.

Is MudRunner Still being Updated?

Spintires MudRunner update 1.04 is now available for download on consoles and PC. According to the MudRunner 1.04 changelog, the new update comes new content which includes three new vehicles and a new map . In addition, MudRunner version 1.04 also includes various bug fixes and game improvements.

What Happened to Spintires?

Despite the apparent imminence of a fix, however, Oovee has suspended sales of Spintires on Steam. It's still listed, but there's currently no option to purchase it, or even follow or add it to a wishlist.

Will there be Another Spintires?

SnowRunner will launch on the Epic Games Store, along with consoles in 2020. It was originally supposed to launch this year, so this update confirms that the game has been delayed.

Why was Spintires Removed from Steam?

Spintires removed from Steam amid allegations of developer sabotage.

Is Spintires the same as MudRunner?

Once upon a time,Pavel moved to Focus to keep on working on Spintires,now with a different name called Mudrunner.