Rosewill Gaming Atx Mid Tower Cube Case

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-01

Rosewill Brings Class to its Case Designs with Tempered Glass

Rosewill made its mark as a budget brand of cases, power supplies, and peripherals. Most of their cases look cheap because they are cheap, which is good for budget builds but hard to recommend over our favorite cases .

Is Rosewill Owned by Newegg?

Rosewill, created in 2004, is a private-label brand wholly owned by Newegg. The company specializes in computer peripherals like power supplies, cases, memory, and cables.

Who Manufactures Rosewill?

Today, we evaluate Rosewill's Photon-1200, manufactured by Sirfa, featuring fully modular cabling, Gold-rated efficiency and a high watt-per-dollar ratio.

Is Rosewill Made in USA?

In the United States, Rosewill Home products are shipped from warehouses in California, Tennessee, and New Jersey.

Are Rosewill Psus OK?

They are good/great PSU... Now Rosewill need to earn the trust of future customers. As a user i go to the different reviews and make the purchase factoring which brand a trust. The brand that i have experience with.

Rosewill Cullinan - Tempered Glass PC Case - Review