Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Delayed

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Is Rainbow Six Siege 2020 too Late?

You are definitely not too late. Siege is still among the top ten most played games on Steam. You will never have problems finding a lobby and the game just keeps gaining players, not losing them, so rest assured, you won't waste money.

What Time is the Rainbow Six Siege Update Coming Out?

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1 is set to be released on Tuesday, March 15. Release times are staggered with PC Steam, Ubisoft Connect, etc,. set to get the game at 1pm GMT 9am ET while Xbox +1 and PlayStation +2 players will get it in the hours after.

Is Rainbow Six Still in Beta?

Rainbow Six Siege s ranked play is leaving beta, spoke the games brand director, Alexandre Remy In an interview at this weekends Six Major in Paris, Ranked play has been available in Rainbow Six Siege since the game was first released back in December 2015.

Why was R6 Quarantine Delayed?

The unfortunately named Rainbow Six: Quarantine is also still coming, but the publisher is scheduling for that same period. Ubisoft announced these delays in its first-half financial report today. This move comes as a result of production delays due to the complications of the pandemic and work-from-home.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Coming to an End?

Is Rainbow Six Siege ending? The short and sweet answer is no! Year 7 is speculated to drop around the end of March 2022. And according to developers a few years back, the goal is to have at least 10 years in Rainbow Six Siege.