New World Invincibility Glitch

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-05-13

New World Invincibility Glitch is Still a Problem

As Josh Strife Hayes explains, the glitch can be replicated by playing in windowed mode and pressing Esc while performing a dodge roll, and then drag the window around before the animation finishes.

Why does New World have so Many Bugs?

New World had bugs from the beginning; all MMOs do. At first, the games biggest problem was queues of players trying to get into the game. Then, people noticed that they could make their character invulnerable by minimizing the games screen and dragging it around.

Is Amazon Fixing the New World?

Amazon Studios has plans to improve the end-game of its MMO, New World. In a lengthy blog post on the official website, the team explained how "expedition mutators" will improve challenge and enjoyment of the game for those who've already experienced much of what the MMO has to offer.

How do you Get Invulnerability?

New World players have discovered an apparent invincibility exploit that's easy to perform: You just have to switch to windowed mode and drag the game window around. While repositioning the New World window, players enter a state of suspended animation, and as the above video from Kona shows, can't be killed.

What does Invincibility at a Cost Do?

Gives a brief moment of invincibility when the charge bar hits zero. If the spacebar is held for an additional second after hitting zero, Isaac will take damage.

What does Gnawed Leaf do in Repentance?

Effects. When this item is acquired, Isaac will temporarily transform into an invulnerable statue whenever he does not move for a period of time. Any motion, item use, or shooting will end this state.

Amazon is Aware of the 'New World' Invincibility Exploit