Music Locker Gta 5

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How do you Get The Music Locker in GTA 5?

Head to the Diamond Casino and Resort
Right above the door is a pink neon sign, in the shape of the main logo. Players may also notice a few posters that advertise popular musical groups. The Music Locker will be located in an underground basement. GTA Online players simply need to walk through the door.

What is the Point of The Music Locker in GTA 5?

The reason you need a Penthouse is that it gives you access to the VIP nightclub in the basement of The Diamond Casino & Resort, which is called The Music Locker. Once you've got your penthouse, use the elevator inside to head down there and shuffle your way to the private booth past the dance floor.

Where is Miguel Madrazo in The Music Locker?

Youll find Martin Madrazo in a private suite in the downstairs area of The Music Locker, where hes drinking with family. Approach the area where hes sitting and it will trigger a cutscene, in which hell tell you all about the Cayo Perico Heist and his plans.

How do you Get Miguel Madrazo to Message You?

Just a FYI for everyone : To get the text from Miguel Madrazo to start the island heist, Go to the H blip at the top left of the city, that will trigger the text.

How do you Get to The Music Locker in GTA Online?

Head to the Diamond Casino and Resort
The Diamond Casino and Resort can be found in East Vinewood, Los Santos. According to the GTA Online map, this place should have a musical note symbol. Players will have to stay at ground level and look for the northside entry.

What's the Point of The Music Locker in GTA?

The Music Locker is a brand new nightclub that is available in GTA Online after title update 1.52 that is situated below the Diamond Casino and Resort. Accessible from the Diamond Casino and Resort by all players, The Music Locker serves as the starting point for the Cayo Perico heist.

What can you do in The Music Locker GTA 5?

The Music Locker is located in East Vinewood. You can find it below The Diamond Casino and Resort, marked on the map by a diamond. You can head over there and listen to some great music while relaxing. This location is also where you start the newest GTA online event.

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