Mira Hq Map

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-02

Is MIRA HQ a Good Map?

MIRA HQ seems to be the leastliked map in Among Us , but it actually offers players quite a bit. While Polus and The Skeld are both strong maps, MIRA HQ offers Among Us players something different, and that shouldnt be ignored.

Where is MIRA HQ in Among Us?

MIRA HQ takes place specifically on the 111th floor of a skyscraper.

Why is MIRA HQ the Hardest Map?

Unlike The Skeld, MIRA HQ is a much smaller and more intimate map. This makes it the most difficult of the three Among Us maps to win as an imposter in a big group. When the round starts, players will either spawn at the Launchpad or in the Cafeteria.

What is Admin in Among Us?

Admin is an ability in Among Us, which any player, including ghosts, can use to get information about other players' locations.

Do Dead Bodies Show up on Admin Among Us?

The Admin feature only displays player within actual rooms, not hallways. The Admin feature also counts dead bodies as players, so even if the Imposter has killed someone, the player icon on Admin won't disappear. If you see a player icon in Admin that hasn't moved at all, it might be worth checking in on that player.

Where is the Admin in Among Us?

On The Skeld, Admin is a small room located under and slightly to the right of Cafeteria with only one exit. There is a security camera outside of it, along with a Fix Wiring panel. A table in the center of the room features both the Admin panel on its left side and the Swipe Card task on its right side.

Among Us - MIRA HQ Launch Trailer