Lian Li O Series

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Is Lian Li Fans a Good Brand?

Lian Li's new fan system then is genuinely smart, effective, and looks great. But if you had hopes for a 'one cable to rule them all' setup then you might be a little disappointed. Add a whole lot more fans, and some really funky RGB effects to your machine, though, and that disappointment will soon evaporate.

Is Lian Li Good Airflow?

Best answer: The Lian Li O11D Mini has excellent airflow for such a compact chassis. With up to nine fans to install, its possible to create considerable airflow within the PC case to help keep internal temperatures low.

Is Lian a Chinese Li?

(Chinese: 聯力工業股份有限公司; pinyin: Lián Lì Gōngyè Gǔfènyǒuxiàngōngsī) is a Taiwanese computer case and accessories manufacturer. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium computer cases in Taiwan and is also a major world competitor in the premium aftermarket computer case industry.

Is Lian Li Dynamic Good?

Temps are amazing, even after stress testing and 30 minute video rendering sessions. Having a front panel USB-C is also great. The Cons included the Pull issue, but also the top mounting. The rail style holes at the top are great for mounting wherever you want, but are both a little flimsy and are a little wide.

Is Lian Li a Good Case?

Lian Li is best known for producing the best PC cases for those who seek a more premium finish. Lately, the company has been pushing out into the more affordable segment and there are more cases to choose from, allowing more people to enjoy the craftsmanship on offer.

Are Lian Li Cases Good for Airflow?

Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh Computer Case
This allows good airflow which is essential for cooling down the system during operation.

Who is Lian Li Owned By?

Lian Lis Jameson Chen is about to take over from his father, the founder of the company, and we had a chat to him during Computex earlier this month. For over 30 years, Lian Li has been a staple in the computer hardware industry as a supplier of premium PC chassis.

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