Keqing Weapon

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-03

What Weapon does Keqing Use?

The best weapon for Keqing is the Primordial Jade Cutter. This fivestar sword increases HP by 20% but also grants an attack bonus based on 1.2% of the wielders max health. It also offers a 9.6% increase in crit rate that adds to the 15% bonus Keqing already gets from her passive, Aristocratic Dignity.

What is Keqing Sword?

Keqing is a 5star Electro Sword in Genshin Impact .

Is Lion Roar Good for Keqing?

Lions roar is useless if you dont apply some electro... @FieryFury keqing applies electro so fast on enemies that it actually wprks. Her cd is really low too. Enemies are affected by electro most of the time.

Is Keqing Good Genshin?

Keqing is one of the most powerful characters in the entire game, earning a high spot on our Genshin Impact tier list. This sword-wielding Electro character deals incredibly high damage against single targets, perfect to pit against high-level bosses.

Is Keqing Good to Main?

We recommend using Keqing as your main DPS and pairing her up with sub DPS characters like Ganyu and Xingqiu, with Bennett as support. Her passive skill also makes her an asset for Liyue exhibitions, so she is valuable outside of battle as well.

Is Keqing Underrated?

#4 - Keqing
5-star characters that are always around tend to be underrated by the Genshin Impact community. Even the sales figures involving Keqing were far below average. Some weapon banners performed better than her, and that's part of the reason why she can be considered "underrated..

Is Keqing Worth Building?

Like typical Electro units, Keqing's Electro damage is deemed underwhelming, so most players opt to go with a Physical build. This is because Keqing has a high Charged attack multiplier, and she can easily trigger Superconduct.

What Artifacts are Best for Keqing?

Electro DPS.
Weapon: Primordial Jade Cutter.
Artifact: Thundering Fury/Gladiator's Finale.
Reaction DPS.
Weapon: Lion's Roar.
Artifact: Thundering Fury.

What Weapon is Best for Keqing?

1. Primordial Jade Cutter. The first, and the absolute best, weapon that you could attain for your Electro Keqing build is the Primordial Jade Cutter. This blade offers a ridiculous amount of critical damage with 44.1% at level ninety.