Is Yanfei Good

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Genshin Impact Best Yanfei Build, Weapons, and ...

Yes, emphatically. Yanfei has one of the higher attack stats among four-star characters and absolutely no support potential. Yanfei's passive talents and unique abilities tied to Scarlet Seals make her excellent for using multiple charged attacks and powering up her normal attacks.

Is Yanfei any Good?

Yanfei brings solid performance to a Genshin Impact team by utilizing her strong Charged Attacks and bursts of damage with her Elemental Skill and Burst. While she may not do damage as quickly as Klee, her stacking passive allows for her to deal more damage while using less stamina.

How Good is Yanfei DPS?

The 15% bonus takes Yanfei's inherent pyro damage boost and Scarlet Seals buff into account. All of those bonuses combined make Yanfei one of the best main DPS characters in Genshin Impact, and arguably the very best four-star option overall.

Is Yanfei Worth Building?

Many of Yanfei's Constellations increase the power and utility of her Scarlet Seals. If you're committed to building Yanfei as your DPS main, it's well worth getting her Constellations all the way up to Level 6, so you can benefit from an increased cap on this useful stamina bonus.

Is Yanfei Better than Amber?

Yanfei is a Catalyst user, so she can hit all the totems easier than Amber having to charge her shots. Amber does have the advantage of being useful from a distance, but it's still worth noting.

Can Yanfei be a Main DPS?

All of those bonuses combined make Yanfei one of the best main DPS characters in Genshin Impact, and arguably the very best four-star option overall.

Is Yanfei Support or DPS?

Yanfei is a bit of an odd duck in Genshin Impact. The four-star catalyst wielder is mostly played as a budget DPS option. Her Scarlet Seal stacks can deal decent damage and her pyro attacks can trigger the best offensive elemental reactions.

What Set is Good for Yanfei?

Since Yanfei relies on Pyro and normal attacks, her best Artifacts are pretty straightforward, though a bit difficult to obtain. The ideal set is a full Crimson Witch of Flames: 2-piece effect: +15% Pyro damage. 4-piece effect : Increases Overloaded and Burning damage by 40%.

Genshin Impact Yanfei Banner and Abilities

Yanfei is a fourstar Pyro Catalyst user that is coming in the Genshin Impact 1.5 update, and its highly likely that her banner wont appear for quite some time. It largely depends on if she is the first of the two upcoming Genshin Impact characters to be released, or if that honour goes to Eula.

Can you Get Yanfei in Standard Banner?

Yes, new 4*s become part of the standard 4* pool. There's always a chance to get them, just a lot smaller than when they are rate-up characters.

Is Yanfei Worth Investing?

Yanfei can definitely hold her own in a matchup against Klee, and the two Pyro Catalyst users both deal significant amounts of damage. While Yanfei is more akin to Pyro Element Ningguang in playstyle, she can definitely be used as a "budget" replacement for players who do not have Klee.

Is Yanfei Going to Ayaka Banner?

Ninguang and Yanfei to come with Ayaka in 2.0 version of Genshin Impact. Ayaka will be the first banner to be released on July 21st with the 2.0 update in Genshin Impact, followed by Yoimiya and Sayu.

Is Yanfei Really A Bad DPS?