Hunting Trials Horizon Zero Dawn

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How do you Complete Hunting Trials in Horizon Zero Dawn?

By far, the easiest way to complete this trial is to have a Tearblaster. It's a weapon designed to rip the outer shell off machines, and takes all the challenge out of this trial; just shoot a few clusters and the job's done. When you unlock the Nora Trials though, you won't have a Tearblaster.

What do you Get for Completing Hunting Trials?

When you complete all of the trials head to the Hunting Lodge and speak with the clerk, she will give you Treasure Boxes in the shape of the Lodge Blast Sling Weapon Box, Lodge Ropecaster Weapon Box and Lodge War Bow Weapon Box.

What are the Three Trials in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Parts Alone Trial. For this, you must break off canisters from the robots. This is much easier than it seems, so long as you buy the Carja Sharpshot Bow.
Logpile Trial. This one requires you to kill the machines with the logpiles scattered around the environment.
Blast Wire Trial. advertisement.

How do you Control Trial Horizon?

The Control trial requires you to kill six machines and one Ravenger with the Stormslinger. All you need for it to count is the kill with the Stormslinger, not the enitre damage cycle. Focus on killing the smaller six machines first.

How do you Get Blazing Sun on Control Trial?

The Control Trial
Goal: Destroy 6 Machines and 1 Ravager with the Stormslinger Weapon. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the key to getting the Blazing Sun for this trial is to cause chaos the second you get down the rope. At the top of the rope, stop and look around to assess where each machine is.

How do I Get Better at Stormslinger?

The Improved version can be gained by bringing a basic one to Varga, starting Geared Up: Stormslinger for which the Improved weapon is the reward. Both versions can be purchased at any Special Merchant in The Cut after they're obtained in the story.

How do you Get the Blazing Sun Log Trial?

Logpile Trial
In order to get the Blazing Sun mark for this trial, you need to kill three enemies with log traps that are scattered around the area. Before you officially try for this trial, start it and take a note of the locations of the log traps, so you know where exactly they are.

How do you Break Log Piles in the Horizon?

Log Piles burst open an fall after being shot by your arrow. You will start the Trial by going down the rope on the LEFT, and immediately make cover in the bushes. From this location you can do two things: Spook the entire group of Grazers with you Slingshot, and also still be in line of sight with the log piles.

Can you Repeat Trials Horizon Zero Dawn?

Reward Boxes
However, all trials can be repeated infinitely in order to obtain multiple boxes of any rank. Earning all three Half or Full Suns at a hunting grounds will reward an additional All Half/Full Sun Box, while all three Blazing Suns will instead reward a Skill Point.

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