How to Upgrade Workbench Valheim

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How do I Upgrade my Workbench in Valheim?

To upgrade your workbench, you need to build additional structures next to it. Each of the following must be built near the workbench. To find your workbench upgrades, open the crafting menu and navigate to the Crafting tab. Each new item that upgrades your workbench will be labeled as a workbench improvement.

How do I Upgrade my Workbench to Level 2 Valheim?

Equip your hammer with the right click .
You should now have a recipe for the chopping block.
Craft the chopping block using the following ingredients. 10 Wood. 10 Flint.
Place the chopping block besides the workbench.

How do I Upgrade my Workbench to Level 5 Valheim?

Workbench Level 5 - Tool Shelf
To unlock it, you'll need to build a Tool Shelf, which goes on the wall near the Workbench, so make sure you've left enough space in your building to place one. This last upgrade also requires gathering Obsidian, which is only found in the Mountain biome.

How do you Get a Level 3 Workbench in Valheim?

Every time you place one of them nearby, your workbench level will increase. So, if you manage to craft and place two items, your workbench will be level three. This also means that you can also upgrade your tools as you level up your crafting station, making them more durable.

Valheim Workbench Level 6 at Level

Currently there is no workbench level 6 available in valheim. Select hammer that in your inventory. The workbench shows the available updates for level 6 but you cannot reach them for now.

How do you Get a Level 6 Valheim in Workbench?

Specifically, you need to make a chopping block, a tanning rack, an adze, and a tool shelf. Press [f] to switch to [crafting] tab. To put things simply, valheim players that wish to upgrade a workbench will need to build specific objects in close proximity to it.

What is the Max Workbench Level in Valheim?

Upgrades. Upgrading a workbench enables additional crafting recipes and higher upgrade levels for items. A workbench can be upgraded up to level 5 by building following structures within 2 meters.

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