Gta 5 First Person Pc

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How do you Go First Person in GTA V PC?

To switch between the firstperson and thirdperson views in GTA V , press the touchpad PS4 or the select button Xbox One. On PC, pressing V will switch views.

How do you Get out of First Person in GTA 5?

Exiting first-person mode in GTA V
There's always a chance that players may accidentally press a button that places them into a first-person perspective. To exit this, players can easily tap the V key, which is the default key to change the camera for snapping out of the first-person view.

How do you Go into First-person in GTA?

Go to Options > Settings > Display and switch "Allow Independent Camera Modes" to "On". Go back to the game, and select the firstperson camera when youre onfoot. Get into a car, and youll see the camera stays in firstperson.

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