Gta 5 Cease and Desist

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-02

Why is Take Two against Modding?

TakeTwo sent a DMCA to the group back in February, claiming that the source contained "copyrighted materials owned by TakeTwo." However, one member of the team filed a counternotice with GitHub, where the project was being hosted, and was successful in keeping the modded versions of the games online .

Can I Trust OpenIV?

openiv is safe, if you get it from the website you will be fine.

Does Take Two Make GTA?

The company also owns 50% of professional esports organization NBA 2K League. TakeTwos combined portfolio includes franchises such as BioShock, Borderlands, Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K, and Red Dead among others.

Who Made OpenIV?

The OpenIV homepage has reinstated its download button a mere two weeks after its developer, Yuriy "Good-NTS" Krivoruchko, wrote an angry screed saying that they would comply with the publisher's demands, but that they weren't happy about it.

Take-Two Clamp down on GTA Modding with Cease and Desist ...

TakeTwo Interactive have reportedly sent a cease and decease request to the makers of the Grand Theft Auto editing mod, OpenIV. OpenIV allows users to upload new textures and 3D models to the Grand Theft Auto games, which has been popular with users that make machinima using the game.

Why is Rockstar Going after Modders?

After the popular mod GTA Underground was taken down previously from ModDB due to a DMCA strike from the company earlier this year, the team has decided to pull the mod entirely due to the "increasing hostility" felt from the parent company.

What Happened to OpenIV?

GTA modding tool OpenIV shuts down due to cease and desist from Take-Two (Updated) The tool has been essential for modding the GTA games for years, but it's halting distribution due to a legal notice.

Take Two Declares GTA V Modding Illegal and Bans OpenIV