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Is there a Grand Theft Auto VI?

While Grand Theft Auto VI has been all but officially confirmed, a Kotaku report revealed management has already laid out a plan for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

What Time is GTA 6 Coming Out?

The latest gossip is that the GTA 6 release date will be sometime in 2025. That comes with the tip that the game is set in a modernday version of Vice City, that will expand and change over time. That goes against earlier rumors that stated GTA 6 could launch in October 2023 and be set in Miami.

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While the vastly different political landscape could make for an interesting story. Memorable depictions of London are few and far between in gaming – honorable mentions to The Getaway and Watch Dogs Legion – and GTA 6 feels like the ideal game for a definitive version of Englands capital.

What Year will GTA 6 be Set?

When is GTA 6 coming out? The current rumour suggests GTA 6 has been pushed back to 2024 or 2025. A video posted by Battlefield and Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson reports that the game has supposedly been pushed out of 2023, as Rockstar is reportedly taking steps to improve workplace conditions and avoid crunch.

What is GTA 6 Going to be Based On?

Nothing has officially been announced yet, but weve got an idea of where GTA 6 is taking place. According to wellknown Battlefield leaker Henderson, GTA 6 will be set in a modern day Vice City , a city that is based on Miami and the setting for the 2002 title Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Where will GTA 5 be Set?

The games setting is the fictional US state of San Andreas and city of Los Santos, based on Southern California and Los Angeles respectively.

Where will GTA 6 be Set Quora?

Originally Answered: What city will GTA 6 be played in? Miami (modern) for the majority of it. Cartagena, Columbia and Havana, Cuba for another part of it, set in the late 70s and early 80s.

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