Give me Deus Ex Mod

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What is GMDX?

Give Me Deus Ex GMDX is a largescale modification for Deus Ex. Its stated as "Intended to be the best looking and playing version of Deus Ex available all the while remaining true to the original identity of the game". It alters almost every aspect of Deus Ex, from the AI to the RPG systems.

Is GMDX any Good?

Its amazing, but just hear me out. Anyway, just a reminder to anyone playing for the first time, GMDX is NOT the original game. Its a total conversion mod that changes gameplay monumentally as well as audio and graphics. Its faithful as far as an overhaul mod can get sure, but its not the original Deus Ex.

What is the Malkavian Mod?

The Malkavian Mod A rather humorous mod with its own story that doesnt affect the core gameplay or story, famous for spawning a substantional amount of Deus Ex memes.

Can you Mod Deus Ex?

If you fancy a Deus Ex which changes a little more, have a look at the Deus Ex: Revision mod. It makes far bigger changes to the world, reshaping bits and adding a lot more detail, while also tweaking its gameguts a little and adding new modes like New Game + and wave survival arenas.

How to Install GMDX