Fractal Design Define S2 Review

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Does Fractal Design Make Good Cases?

Fractal Design makes some great cases, and this list has the top options they have for your own PC build. Fractal Design cases all also offer multiple variants under the same product line, so you can get different versions of the cases listed above, set apart by the inclusion or shade of tempered glass panels.

Is Fractal a Good PC Case?

Overall, its safe to say that the Fractal Design Torrent PC case is a fantastic option to consider. Its just as good for a midrange build as it is for a highend PC. We recommend picking up a good quality AIO liquid cooler if youre planning on using it for a highend build with, say, an Intel Core i912900K.

Is the Fractal Design Define R6 Good?

Fractal Define R6 Blender
The R6 is definitely capable of keeping aircooled CPUs at safe temperatures under load. However, rendering on the GPU, average GPU dT was 29.2. Relative to other cases, it fared better than it did in Firestrike, but still not enough to compete with the two be quiet! Cases.

Who Owns Fractal Design?

Hannes Wallin


IndustryComputer hardware
FounderHannes Wallin
HeadquartersGothenburg, Sweden

What is a Fractal Design Case?

Fractal Design is a computer hardware manufacturer from Sweden. Founded in 2007, the company manufactures computer cases, water coolers, fans and power supplies. All products are designed and engineered in Sweden.

Which Fractal Case is Best?

Best overall Fractal Design case: Fractal Design Define 7. There are a couple of different variants of the Fractal Design Define 7 cases on the market right now, but we think the original Define 7 is the best overall Fractal Design PC case you can buy.

How do I Know which Fractal Design Case I Have?

The serial number is usually found on the bottom of the case or on the outside of the retail box. It looks like this 1234RTL0123456789 or 1234FD01234567890.

Fractal Design Define S Case Review

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