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Does Fallout: New Vegas have Post-game?

New Vegas , revered by the Fallout cognoscenti, now has a proper endgame mod, in which the world goes on after the allout fight at Hoover Dam. Previous mods allowed players to continue with other side quests and activities after the conclusion.

Can you Play after Beating Fallout: New Vegas?

If you want to carry on exploring the western wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas after you've finished the game, you'll have to start again from scratch or travel back in time. That's the word from Director Josh Sawyer, who has just clarified recent statements that once the game is done, it's done.

Why is there no Post-game in New Vegas?

In some areas, in fact, no work had been done at all. It was at this point the decision was made to cut the post-game in its entirety. Surprisingly, the additions planned for the post-game were actually fairly minor, with "minimal reactivity to the events of Hoover Dam".

Fallout New Vegas: 10 Choices That Will Effect Which Ending ...

1 Boomers Start To Leave Nellis.
2 Jacobstown Becomes A Safe Haven.
3 Enclave Remnants Intimidate Caesar.
4 Powder Gangers Surrender To NCR.
5 Primm Joins The NCR.
6 Boone Gets Revenge.
7 Goodsprings Becomes Abandoned.
8 Arcade Commits Suicide.

What is the Best Option for Fallout New Vegas?

House would be the best ending for Vegas itself, but the NCR is the best ending for the whole of the Mojave, despite its corruption and taxes. The Legion would rule with an iron fist, and collapse as soon as Caesar dies.

How Many Endings are in Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout New Vegas has four main endings : supporting House, supporting the NCR, backing Caesars Legion, or working with Yes Man for an independent New Vegas.

What Factions can you Side with in New Vegas?

Yes Man (Independent Vegas) - [Wild Card: Ace in the Hole]
Mr. House - [The House Always Wins, I]
Caesar's Legion - [Render Unto Caesar]
NCR - [Things That Go Boom]
Yes Man (Independent Vegas) - [No Gods, No Masters]
Mr. House - [All or Nothing]
Caesar's Legion - [Veni, Vidi, Vici]
NNCR - [Eureka!]

Can the Brotherhood of Steel Take over New Vegas?

Not specifically, no. You can, however, have the Brotherhood join in the battle at Hover Dam at the end of the game on the side of the NCR. You have to have a good rep with both factions and talk the NCR leadership into an alliance in order to do this.

How do you Keep the Brotherhood Alive with the NCR?

If Still in the Dark has been completed, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce.

Do FNV Mods Work with Fo3?

The mod will let you play through Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas with the same character, and you can switch between DC and the Mojave Wasteland by visiting train stations.

What Mods should I Get for Fallout: New Vegas?

FNV 4GB Patcher.
Mod Configuration Menu.
User Interface Organizer.
FOV Slider.
JIP Minimap.
Project Nevada.
Essential Visual Enhancements.
FPS Weapon Wheel.

Fallout New Vegas - Restored Post Game Content