Epsxe Resident Evil 2 Settings

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How do I Configure EPSXe?

Make sure “cdrPeops. dll” or any other CDR plugin is in ePSXe's plugins folder. In ePSXe, go to Config > Cdrom.
Select a CD-R plug-in . Doesn't matter which one. Click OK then close & re-open ePSXe.

Why is EPSXe so Slow?

If you feel it's a bit slow, try boosting the speed a bit by incrementing the fps a bit, I suggest 10fps or so, but your mileage may vary. If you're using Knack's Software GPU Plugin, select the 'fps limit only' option under the 'Framerate > Adjustment Type' menu.

How do I Speed up my EPSXe Emulator?

On ePSXe you press F1 to make a save state and F3 to load that save state, and pressing F2 you change the save state slot. To « fast forward« , as in unlimiting the FPS, you press F4.

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