Duke Nukem 3d Megaton Edition High Resolution Pack

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How Install Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution?

Run it in high resolution
This highres texture pack is built on top of an open source port of Duke 3D called EDuke32. Once youve downloaded the texture pack, extract it into a new folder. Now find your GOG/Steam install folder of Duke Nukem 3D and copy the file "duke3d.

Which Duke Nukem 3D is the Best?

xDuke is probably the most faithful to the original, it has multiplayer support, and it's free. xDuke is just as good of a choice as EDuke32 and Megaton. and would you ask the most pro DN3D deathmatch players they'd tell you to use xDuke.

Is Duke Nukem 3D a Doom Mod?

Modder kipo50 has released a brand new version of his Duke Nukem 3D total conversion mod for Doom, DN3DooM. This mod aims to bring the Duke Nukem 3d universe to the doom engine, with various enhancements.

Why is Duke Nukem 3D so Good?

Duke Nukem 3D was an amazing game, one of my absolute favorites growing up, and it was amazing due to the weapons, secrets and level designs. It was amazing because it felt like, outside of the dumb one-liners, the game thought you were smart enough to figure this all out and use it in new ways.

Duke Nukem 3D - High Resolution Pack V5.4 [1080p]