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How To Get Ciri To Visit In Blood And Wine Ending (Witcher 3)

To get Ciri to visit you in Corvo Bianco at the end of Blood and Wine, youll need to ensure that Ciri stays alive after the end of Witcher 3s main story . What is this? Ciri will stay alive if you had supported her in several quests before Tedd Deireadh.

Does Ciri Stay at Corvo Bianco Forever?

Canonically, not long. Unless she's already the empress, then she can stay however long she wants.

Does Yennefer Show up in Blood and Wine?

In order to complete this quest you must visit Corvo Bianco Vineyard. One of a few possible encounters can occur there: If you romanced with Triss in the basic game, then Triss will come to Corvo Bianco. If you romanced with Yennefer in the basic game, then Yennefer will come to Corvo Bianco.

Can you Get Ciri and Yennefer at Corvo Bianco?

6 Dandelion, Triss, Ciri, And Yennefer Can Each Show Up At Corvo Bianco Depending On Decisions Made In The Base Game . Depending on events that occurred during the main game, different characters will be able to show up at the end of the Blood and Wine questline to stay at Geralts vineyard indefinitely.

What is the Happy Ending for Blood and Wine?

The good ending sees the duchess and Syanna put their differences aside and bury the hatchet. They forgive each other and lock arms in an embrace while the camera pans across the ducal palace. In order to get this ending, you'll have to: Go after Syanna in The Night of Long Fangs quest.

How do you Get a Happy Ending in Witcher 3?

Bring Ciri to the Emperor. When Ciri suggests visiting Bald Mountain during Blood on the Battlefield, say "Gotta visit the Emperor first", not "Velen, then".
Ensure Nilfgaard wins the war. Complete the following secondary quests in Act Two: ...
Make at least three out of five "positive" decisions.

How Many Endings are there in Blood and Wine?

Blood and Wine has three main endings, which boil down to the fate of the two leading ladies: Ending 1: Anna and Syanna both die.

How do you Get the Ciri Ending in Blood and Wine?

If Ciri survived your version of the main story, to meet her, you need to complete the final quests of Blood and Wine. This will include the ending between Anna, Syanna, Regis and Dettlaff. Doesnt matter which ending you got for that. A new quest Be It Ever So Humble… will appear.

What Decisions Keep Ciri Alive?

For Ciri to stay alive, you'll need to rack up at least three positive points. If you get any less, she vanishes from the game with the implication that she's dead. So once you get enough positives, there are two possible options: Ciri becomes the Empress, or Ciri becomes a witcher.

What should I Say to Ciri at the Tower?

Say "Relax, you don't have to be good at everything," when comforting Ciri during Blood on the Battlefield.
Missable: Choose to visit the Emperor during Blood on the Battlefield, and say "Definitely need it more than you" to accept payment for bringing Ciri to him.

Is it Better for Ciri to be a Witcher or Empress?

Despite her powers, Ciri hasn't undergone the Trial of Grasses, so she doesn't have the enhanced physical prowess or longevity of a Witcher. Being an empress is a safer option for Ciri, and the comforts, protection, and amenities such a lifestyle provides means she'll probably live a far longer time.

Should I Let Ciri Fight Imlerith?

Note: During the main quest, Blood on the Battlefield, Ciri will ask Geralt to go with her to fight Imlerith. If you agree to go you will not be able to unlock the Ciri is Empress ending, and you will not see the second choice. You can, however, still end up with a positive outcome.

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