Brian Blessed Kingdom Come Deliverance

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-05-13

Is Brian Blessed in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Blesseds latest videogame appearance comes courtesy of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, where the actor voices real life German military engineer Lord Konrad Kyeser. He poked his head into one of the games trailers last month, but hes now got one all to himself.

Has Brian Blessed Climbed Everest?

Blessed has attempted to climb Mount Everest three times without supplemental oxygen, reaching heights of 28,200 feet (8,600 m) in 1993 and 25,200 feet (7,700 m) in 1996, but without reaching the summit.

Is KCD Based on a True Story?

The game is based on a true story – a story of kings, heirs, a kingdom, castle sieges and bloody battles. The King is dead and his eldest son Wenceslas IV becomes the new King of Bohemia. Wenceslas's enraged half-brother Sigismund imprisons Wenceslas and invades the country with his mighty army.

Is Kingdom Come Historically Accurate?

The developers responded by asserting that the game is historically accurate since people of color did not inhabit early 15thcentury Bohemia in significant numbers. European media also responded to some aspects of the criticism.

Where is Brian Blessed?

Both now live on the Surrey-Berkshire borders, which allows for regular catch-ups. “It's a father-son relationship. He's the father and I'm the son!” declares Blessed, a gag he has used on the TV chat-show circuit and in the autobiographical one-man show he tours around the UK.

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