Best Star Wars Miniatures

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Is there a Star Wars Tabletop Game?

Star Wars : Rebellion is nostalgic yet completely original, combining a tabletop board with cards, dice, and 150 miniatures to replicate the battles between the Empire and the Alliance that are central to the original trilogy.

What Scale are Star Wars Miniatures?

Star Wars Miniatures is a fast-paced RPG-style game by Wizards of the Coast featuring miniature 34mm scale models of characters and vehicles from across the Star Wars saga.

Will Star Wars Outer Rim Get an Expansion?

Star Wars: Outer Rim is finally getting its first expansion, Unfinished Business. Fantasy Flight Games warns not to expect any more information “for some time”. The longawaited first expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim has been revealed by Fantasy Flight Games, two years after the board game first hit shelves.

Which Star Wars Ttrpg is the Best?

Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Its Rebels versus the Empire in this scrappy, striking strategy game .
Star Wars Roleplaying Game. ...
Star Wars: Rebellion.
Star Wars: Destiny.
Star Wars: Dark Side Rising.
Star Wars: XWing Miniatures Game and Star Wars: Armada.
Star Wars: Outer Rim.
Star Wars: Legion.

The Best and Worst of Star Wars Miniatures