Battlefield 1 Medic Tips

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-05-25

What is the Best Gun for Medic in Battlefield 1?

Best: M1907 SL Sweeper. Having a good all-rounder weapon as a medic is the key to flexibility.
Best: Fedorov Avtomat Trench.
Best: Selbstlader M1916.
Best: Autoloading 8 Extended.
Best: Farquhar-Hill.

How do you Become a Good Medic in Battlefield 1?

Medics should always revive teammates when they can safely reach them.
Teammates should wait for a medic if one is nearby. Don't assume they aren't coming if they take their time.
If you die in an obviously deadly location, force respawn.

How do you Use Syringes in Battlefield 1?

Moreover, a syringe can be used to kill an enemy. To do it, hold the shoot button for 2-3 seconds to load the syringe.

How do you Crawl in Bf1?

In Battlefield 1, players can now Slide into a crouch by pressing the Crouch button while sprinting.

How do you Revive Teammates in Bf1?

To revive, the medic must simply stab him with the syringe. No charging is required, allowing for a rapid revive. There is a delay before the user may revive another downed teammate; this delay can be shortened if an Ammo Crate is placed nearby.

How to be a Better Medic in Battlefield 1